Discover the artistry of cooperative adrar, meticulously handwoven to order with a current lead time of 11 - 15 weeks. Each rug is a unique masterpiece, celebrating subtle variations and minor imperfections that make it distinctly yours. Embrace these nuances as symbols of true luxury in a world dominated by mass production and uniformity. Whether for your home or office, we offer both standard and custom rug sizes to suit any space. Below, [Insert styling tips here]
For your Entryway and Foyer Nothing welcomes you home quite like an inviting runner or entryway rug. Given the high traffic in this area, rug pads are essential to keep your rug securely in place. To create a sense of openness and spaciousness, it's advisable to leave at least 5 inches between the walls of your entryway or foyer and the edges of your rug. Also, remember to check the clearance of your doorways to ensure the rug is positioned safely away from any swinging doors, minimizing the risk of friction.
"For your home office, minimizing distractions is key. If you have a task chair with rolling casters, a flatwoven rug allows for smooth movement across the floor. Ensure at least 30 inches of rug extends from your desk edge to accommodate chair movement comfortably. Alternatively, for a study or library-style office setup, our knotted rugs create a tranquil oasis perfect for relaxation and reflection."
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