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Beni carpet’s are handwoven in the Atlas Mountains in Imlil. customized by you. We’re proud to bring you incredible designs, while preserving an age old craft & supporting local communities.

  • All what we have in our shop is made in our workshop in Imlil. Again, I'll go on to say if you have your own design in mind or you've seen some other things you like. We are here for you, we will weave it for you with the quality of number 1

Wholesale availability

Our shop gladly offers wholesale prices as long as you order 4 or more rugs; involving rugs from our store and the ones made by custom order as well. Please pay us a visit in our shop and select your rugs for wholesale pricing, and then message us with any info or questions be needed.

Haouz carpet

from Marrakech
It is a rural carpet. The knotting carpet tribes around Marrakech are almost all from Amazigh origin (Rehamma carpet, H’mar carpet, OuladesBouseba carpet). The High Atlas carpets are different in sizes, colours and patterns.
There are 4 categories of quality, classified officially by colours: standard (green), average - medium (yellow), high (blue) and extra high (orange).

Handmade Berber carpet
Nowadays, in some region of Morocco, the wool is considered as God sent. People say it can protect one from evil forces. From the cut to the weaving, the wool is treated carefully and worked according to a very precise ritual transmitted from generation to generation. Then, after the cut, the wool is kept in a discreet room of the house. When they wash the wool in the river, the weavers say: ‘The wool as the wheat creates abundance’. About the dye, which will change the aspect of the wool without changing its thermal insulator, resistance, and comfort, the wool is worked according to precise rituals again. The day before the dye, they exhibit the baths at the glow of stars to get rid of its evil capacities.

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If you want to custom your carpet welcome. Wholesale available thank you